5 Things to know while visiting Kigali

Rwanda is becoming one of the best destinations to live and work from in Africa, it can be challenging to visit and navigate Kigali, Therefore we compiled a list of things to help you while you tour.

  1. Transport
Move by Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda

It has been said that Rwanda has one of the best public transport systems in Africa, with the Tap and Go technology riders get smart cards that enable them to travel anywhere in Kigali by just reloading credits to the card.

If public transport isn’t your thing, a taxi moto option is available with even mobile apps like Safe motos to assist you in riding safe.

Move by Volkswagen Mobility Solutions also provide a safe and efficient solution with an app that connects to newly built VW rides to and from anywhere in Kigali.

2. Staying in Kigali

Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Center Kigali

Hosting numerous business meetings and the leisure of easy travel attracts a number of internationally known Hotel brands, Kigali host hotel names like Radison Blu Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Hotel Des Milles Collines, Serena Hotels, Park Inn by Radisson, Bisate Lodge by Wilderness Safaris with these numbers of five star hotels, Kigali also provide four and three start hotels including but not limited to Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Grand Legacy Hotel, The Retreat and more. Depending on your budget you still have options of fully furnished apartments and Airbnb.

3. Food in Kigali


Kigali presents its visitor with food cultures from all parts of the world ranging from Asian food to South American food. With Local chains like Bourbon Coffee and Camellia offering Western and African Cuisine (in addition to the best coffee in the world) to International chains like Java House, Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn and also Restaurants like Sol e luna (Italian pizza), Meze Fresh (Mexican food), Bamboo Restaurant (Chinese food), The hut(Indian food) and more.

Mobile Apps like Jumia food also helps guests order food and get them delivered to their respective homes or work without moving an inch.

If you are the type of CIY (Cook It Yourself) websites like Store2door and Hehe mart also delivers fresh groceries to your doorsteps.

4. Telecommunication in Rwanda

As it has been said, Rwanda is one of the best connected countries in the world, MTN Rwanda and Airtel Rwanda being the main network providers, they provide guests with fast connectivity from anywhere in the country.

With also a high 4G penetration, Kt Networks, Mango Telecom, Popcorn and more companies provides you with high speed internet connectivity through 4G Technology at an affordable cost.

5. Entertainment in Kigali

Rwanda presents its guests with several entertainment opportunities from sports, zip-lining to nightlife entertainment.

Options goes from Zip-lining and horse riding at Fazenda Sengha to Water park and kid’s entertainment at Summer Palace or should you just want to relax and take a night run.

The night life is both colorful and fun with several entertainers providing you with fine live music with the most amazing views in the surroundings and an open sky to Club Djs mixing tunes from all parts of the world and all genres.

Some those includes Pilipili, New Cadillac Club, Cocobean , ENVY Club, and more…

There is still plenty more to discover in Kigali, though this article kick-starts you to the surroundings, We wish you an enjoyable stay and invite you to share your experience with Rwanda.